Yes, you read it right. Well, according to my theory. What happened to the iPhone 5? Chances are you have already seen one – the iPhone 4S. What on earth am I talking about right? Lets have a quick look at the history of the iPhone:

The original iPhone was launched in June 2007. This is the model we will call the iPhone 1 in this post. The 4GB  model was released on June 2007, with the 8GB and 16GB models being released in February the following year.

iPhone 3G
Next up, Apple released the iPhone 3G in July 2008. And this is where people start to get confused. The 3 part in the name was talking about 3G. The iPhone 3G was a huge success, with over a million units being sold in the first week. This was the second iPhone (iPhone 2). Not to long after that, Apple released:

iPhone 3GS
The 3GS was the upgraded version of the iPhone 3G. Think about why the latest iPhone is called the iPhone 4S? Another brilliant success for Apple, again over a million units in the first week. So, we are now on what we can call the iPhone 3, the third iPhone.

iPhone 4
Released in June 2010, this was the game changer for iPhone. This will go down in history as being the most important phone ever made (in my opinion). As you can see, our counting has been correct so far, and the 4 part of the name does mean number 4 in this case.

 iPhone 4S
So, what is the iPhone 4s? Is it a new model? Is it just an upgrade of the iPhone 4 (iPhone 4 and a half maybe?). Well, according to Apples naming convention (they don’t really have one), this is the 5th iPhone. Remeber what we said about the 3G and then the 3GS. Same thing here.

So that’s how I come to my conclusion that the next iPhone will indeed be called (or should be called) the iPhone 6. I’m sure I am going to get crucified in the comments for this article :) What do you guys think? iPhone 6?




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One Response to iPhone 6 coming soon

  1. Andre says:

    I think it’s just going to be called the iPhone like the new iPad which is not the iPad 3 but just the iPad. Right?

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