Learning Three.js Part 3 – Animation Basics

In the previous post we looked at setting up a basic scene, adding a camera, lights, fog and our red cube. In this post we are going to add a plane to our scene and setup a basic animation loop. Before we get started, let’s have a look at what we’ll be creating The biggest […]

Learning Three.js Part 2 – the Basics

In the last post in this series we looked at what three.js is, and what you need to start developing with it. Now it’s time to make our first three.js scene. A note before we get started, the source code for each part of this series is available on github. Feel free to download it, but the best way […]

Learning Three.js Part 1 – Getting Started

Welcome to my tutorial series on learning three.js. This will be a multipart series where we look at the various  features of three.js. In this first post I will be explaining what three.js is and what you need to get up and running. The third dimension In the days of yonder, web browsers were limited to the realm of […]